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Some Useful Tips On Useful Secrets

Interested in customizing your subscription with All Access? Contact our Sales Professionals at 1-855-808-4530 or send an email to to learn more. Robert Storace covers legal trends, lawsuits and analysis for the Connecticut Law Tribune. Follow him on Twitter @RobertSCTLaw or reach him at 203-437-5950. Christian Fongemie injured his cervical spine and suffered injuries to his arms and neck following a 2016 car collision. A jury this month awarded him $185,000. Dennis Bellamy claims a Hamden Chevy dealership fired him for asking

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Proof That Employ A Professional Foreclosure Attorney For Your Prosecution Case Is Worth It

(See: Divorce and Mortgage Payments: What You Need to Know .) 2. Banking on spousal or child support Alimony and child support can make the financial transition after a divorce easier, but its a mistake to assume those payments will always come through on time. If the former spouse misses a payment, she could be left in the lurch if her income isnt enough to cover the bills. An emergency fund can help her out in the short-term, but she needs to have a more permanent back-up plan in place. Increasing her income and reducing expenses are important steps. Another is to ensure that both ex-spouses

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