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At one point, Jones asked the absent Becerra a question about unlawful possession of firearms by serious criminal offenders, people with mental illnesses and those with domestic violence restraining orders. "Why haven't you gotten each and every one of those individuals to surrender their weapons? What's your excuse for not performing that critical function?" Jones asked the empty chair. Williamson defended Becerra, saying he has been "hard at work." She also touted Becerra's lawsuits against the federal government, saying he "has more than a dozen legal victories, from stopping Trump from gutting our air quality protections to blocking his effort to restrict a woman's access to birth control." Jones said he would continue lawsuits brought by Becerra, and file others, including against Trump for his business dealings, which Jones said violate the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution. He also said he'd fight the Trump administration in court for taking any action to open up public lands for oil and gas drilling or offshore oil exploration. Jones criticized Becerra for backing the death penalty, for "failing to lead" on ending the state's cash bail system and said he would work to establish a legal framework for single-payer, universal health care . "In this state, we're going to have a big fight on our hands with the federal government to make sure federal monies that currently go to California for health care get transitioned to a single-payer system, which I support." Becerra has also said he supports single-payer, universal health care. His spokeswoman said he has taken on the National Rifle Association, Big Oil and has "championed bail reform." "While his opponents make empty promises, (he) is actually doing the job and delivering," Williamson said.

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